Thursday, 12 September 2013

Liebertwolkwitz - Part 1

Last night a group of us had a dbn battle at Peeler's place which we decided we would do again tonight but swap sides. To begin with it was myself and David commanding the French and Peeler commanding the Allies comprising of Austrians, Prussians and Russians. He was later joined by Alex who took command of the Austrians.
I deployed my troops along the hill to defend the BUA.

Dave deployed his troops to defend the Galgenberg Heights, he had a slight disadvantage in that his light cavalry moved as heavy cavalry.

The allies quickly advance on the French line and start to inflict casualties on the cavalry.

On the right a unit of Cossacks retreat after being shot by artillery.

The Cossacks continue to suffer casualties from the French artillery.

Likewise the French cavalry on the left continue to suffer losses from the Austrian artillery.

The Allies close in on the right and the Cossacks take more casualties in combat but manage to cause a hit on the French artillery before being pushed back.

Meanwhile the French cavalry on the left manage to win their combat and are no longer shaken.

The first unit of Cossacks is destroyed by artillery fire.

The Russian Jagers move in to attack but are shot by the French artillery.

The French cavalry move into combat with the Jagers but are beaten and pushed back.

The allies continue to close in on the French and cause another hit on the cavalry.

The French cavalry then move in and overwhelm the two units.

The French cavalry on the right charge down from the hill to attack the allied cavalry but are repelled.

They charge back in and manage to cause hits on two of the cavalry and take the Russian sub commander out of action for two turns. The Jagers destroy the French artillery and advance up the hill.

The Allies retaliate by destroying two of the French cavalry units and killing the French sub commander. The Russian artillery start to inflict casualties on the French infantry.

The rest of the French cavalry on the right is destroyed by artillery fire leaving one lone unit of infantry.

The French infantry is charged by three units of cavalry but miraculously survives the attack.

In the centre a unit of allied heavy cavalry moves up to attack the French foot artillery but only manage a draw in combat.

The French infantry on the right are eventually overwhelmed by the allied cavalry handing victory to the allies.

A final view of the battlefield.

Thanks to Peeler, Alex and Dave for a great game and I look forward to the next game to see what the outcome will be.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Darklord's Darkest Africa

Had a great trip out to Elvington at the weekend for the Battlegroup North show. While there I decided to indulge in some goodies from the Wargames Foundry stand. I originally started doing a Darkest Africa project in 15mm but after looking at some of the figures on offer from Foundry I've opted for 28mm instead. I got a pack of Jungle characters and a pack of Belgian gentlemen. Just finished painting Jane this afternoon and am really happy with how she turned out. Next on the shopping list will be a pack of Askaris and some jungle terrain.

Friday, 8 March 2013


On Wednesday we had a game of DBACW at Peeler's house using the superb Borodino board which he made. The figures are all 1/72nd plastics which do look really nice, I think they are as good as metals which makes it better for doing bigger games. Peeler took command of the Union forces while myself and Dave commanded the Confederates, Alex chose to umpire.

The two sides set up with the Union defending, the Confederate objectives were to take two of the towns and the hill. The Union had mainly infantry with a couple of cannons and some cavalry while the Confederates only had infantry.

I took command of the brigade on the left flank and ordered them to attack the closest town.

Dave took command of the two brigades on the right and marched them forward to take the town on the right and defend the centre. I ordered the sharpshooters to advance into the woods to stop the Union forces coming forward.

Peeler's cavalry start to gallop forward to halt the rebel's advance.

Dave's brigade starts taking casualties from Union fire.

Then the Union cavalry dismount and start picking off my brigade.

The two sides continue to wear each other down.

I finally get two of my units over the stream and kill the unit defending the town.

Dave then moves forward to attack the other town.

Dave kills the defending unit and takes control of the town.

Then just to rub salt in the wounds he kills one of the Union commanders.

The Confederates take control of the other town, the Union decide enough is enough and retreat. Victory to the rebels.

Thanks to Peeler, Alex and Dave for a good game, I look forward to doing more ACW battles in the future.
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