Friday, 8 March 2013


On Wednesday we had a game of DBACW at Peeler's house using the superb Borodino board which he made. The figures are all 1/72nd plastics which do look really nice, I think they are as good as metals which makes it better for doing bigger games. Peeler took command of the Union forces while myself and Dave commanded the Confederates, Alex chose to umpire.

The two sides set up with the Union defending, the Confederate objectives were to take two of the towns and the hill. The Union had mainly infantry with a couple of cannons and some cavalry while the Confederates only had infantry.

I took command of the brigade on the left flank and ordered them to attack the closest town.

Dave took command of the two brigades on the right and marched them forward to take the town on the right and defend the centre. I ordered the sharpshooters to advance into the woods to stop the Union forces coming forward.

Peeler's cavalry start to gallop forward to halt the rebel's advance.

Dave's brigade starts taking casualties from Union fire.

Then the Union cavalry dismount and start picking off my brigade.

The two sides continue to wear each other down.

I finally get two of my units over the stream and kill the unit defending the town.

Dave then moves forward to attack the other town.

Dave kills the defending unit and takes control of the town.

Then just to rub salt in the wounds he kills one of the Union commanders.

The Confederates take control of the other town, the Union decide enough is enough and retreat. Victory to the rebels.

Thanks to Peeler, Alex and Dave for a good game, I look forward to doing more ACW battles in the future.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Last Saturday I met up with my mates Tim and Roger for a few games of X-Wing. We got into this after playing Wings of Glory and found that the gameplay is very similar although instead of movement cards the players select their movements on little dials and then execute them using the templates in the starter box. Getting to know where you'll end up after moving is something that we're still learning as we haven't quite got used to the turns yet (as one of us found out after a few encounters with various asteroids). The game flows really nicely though and I personally find moving using templates instead of cards to be less fiddly.

The miniatures themselves are really nicely painted and I am really impressed with the new Millenium Falcon that they've produced, I think an order to Wayland Games is definately in order along with the new TIE Interceptor, A-Wing and Slave 1.

I suspect that after they've released everything for the original saga they will expand into producing ships from episodes 1-3, hopefully snowspeeders and walkers are in the pipeline as I think this would prove very popular.

Thanks to Tim and Roger for a good afternoon and I look forward to future games of this. Here are a few pictures I took at the weekend from the games

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