Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Elvington weekend

OK I'm a bit late putting this up as it has been over a week ago but better late than never I guess. A big thank you to Peeler for a great weekend, we went to have a look round on the Saturday and then put a game on the following day.
Here's a selection of pictures from Saturday.

Even tanks need to be fully road legal.
A stunning backdrop for the show

Well that was the Saturday, but the fun continued with the game on Sunday. The sides were as follows, Peeler, Mrs Peeler, Norman D Landings and Alex Testo commanded the British while Mini Peeler, Jordan and myself commanded the French, we were joined by Alex later on after he abandoned the Brits. Here are some of the pictures I took of the game, a full write up can be found on Peelers blog.

Peeler asked if I could paint up Napoleon ready for the battle, I was only too happy to oblige
I even got one of my French generals painted up for the battle seen here ready to attack the farmhouse

Just took a bit of a time out to watch the gun firing

The French capture La Haye Saint. Hoorah!

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