Wednesday, 7 October 2009

10mm ACW

In my last post I mentioned that I bought some 10mm ACW. Well after a bit of painting I've just finished my first base of Union infantry, so here they are. I've uploaded two pictures, one with the flash and one without. I couldn't decide which was better.

They are based on 100mm x 30mm magnetic bases. The figures themselves are from Magister Militum and are pretty good value in my opinion. A pack of 30 infantry costs £4.50 or the same for a pack of 12 cavalry. They also sell brigade packs at £21 each which include 4 packs of infantry or cavalry, 3 artillery with crew and a brigade commander.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Showtime in Derby

Yesterday, me and Doug went along to the Derby show. Early start for us both but we didn't suffer too much. We arrived just before the show opened and went off for a look round. This is a picture of the venue to give a sense of how big the show really is.
First I went to have a look at the Leipzig Lite game put on by Baccus. It uses a quick play set of rules allowing the battle to be fought in about an hour. I had a go with the French and got hammered by a little kid, not good I know but I had been told the French never win so I took comfort from that.

Next to it was another 6mm Napoleonic game using Baccus figures, this really did look impressive and really demonstrated the pros of using 6mm figures. The last picture shows the sheer scale of this game.

Next up was a 6mm Seven Years War game. I've met the guys who run the game before at the Baccus gaming day, really good guys who don't take themselves too seriously. They certainly know how to game too with music from the period and drinking wine.

Upstairs was a nice Wargods game. Basically an Egyptian Mythology game.

One game you couldn't miss was the St Nazaire game. I have seen this a couple of times before and it really is impressive.
I went round and got a few goodies including some 10mm ACW which I have big plans for, so watch this space. Also some Kallistra ratmen for our 10mm DBF games, then had a look round at the rest of the games on offer.

We set off at about 3:45 and went in search of somewhere to have tea, or more specifically a KFC. I got back home just before it got dark, completely exhausted but worth it. It was a well needed day off to help me forget about things. Thanks once again to Doug for his company.
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