Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sheffield Toy Soldier show

Last week a group of us from the YCW went to the Sheffield Toy Soldier show. There was Tim, Peeler Jordan and myself. On the way through we stopped off at the highwayman on the A64 for our usual morale boosting brekkie :) Fully fed and ready for the day ahead we carried onto the venue for the show only missing it once so it was pretty good going.
The show was really good and was slightly different to your standard wargames show in that there were different stalls selling items other than figures. Our game was set up at the back of the hall.

The food was really good, in my opinion it was much better than the usual stuff you get from other shows. The show was really busy early on but I was amazed how quickly it went quiet. It did allow me to get a good deal on a box of terrain for my fantasy games. I got this whole box of terrain for £7

We left after 3:00 to set off back home after a really enjoyable day, we got back to Tim's just after 5:00 and stopped for a cuppa and a natter. I got home just after 7:00 so I got back in plenty of time for Top Gear, just to round off a really good day. Thanks to Peeler, Jordan and Tim for a great day. I will definately be visiting this show again in the future.
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