Sunday, 12 September 2010

Border Reiver - Newcastle

Last week a small group of us from the Yorkshire Coast Wargamers traveled up to Newcastle for the Border Reiver show. There was Tim, Stuart and myself, unfortunately Peeler was unable to come as he had to work. I organised the game which was a fantasy game called Hordes, basically it's a big brutal beasty bash set in a fantasy world. I must say a big thank you to Phil from Forge Games for lending us his gaming board for our games, thoroughly nice guy and it was nice to have our game set up in front of his stall mainly because he sells the figures we were using. Here's a little battle report from one of the games.

The two forces set up in opposing corners of the board. Stuart was commanding the Khador which are the ones in red and I was commanding the Legion of Everblight in blue.

Stuart won the initiative and begins to move his units forward to attack.

Unfortunately for me my beasts spent a number of turns attacking each other due to being frenzied. Then one of my little beasts goes into a frenzy and decides to have a go at one of Stuart's Warmachines which is then backed up by another. Miraculously the little beast survived.

The rest of my army begins to get involved and begins to push the enemy back towards their deployment zone.

I then moved my warlock round to try to eliminate Stuart's Warcaster and win the game

Unfortunately it all seems to be part of Stuart's cunning plan and his warjack breaks away from combat and....well I think you can guess the rest huge mechanical monstrocity vs a human, there was only ever going to be one result.

A little victory shot at the request of Stuart.

Here are some pictures of some of the other games. Was also good to meet up with Norman again.

We set off just before 3:00 as we hadn't had anything to eat (we decided not to pay £3 for a burger) instead we headed off to the Metro Centre for something to eat and jolly nice it was too. We then amazingly managed to go into a model shop there without spending anything (shock horror). We got back to Tim's house and had a chat and cuppa then Stuart and I went home. We all agreed it had been a good day out and are looking forward to the next one.
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