Thursday, 13 September 2012

DBN Battle of Valmy

Last night at Peeler's house we had a small DBN game depicting the battle of Valmy between the Prussians and the French. 9 victory points was the target, the French began the game in control of the 3 villages meaning that they had 3 victory points to begin with.

The two armies started fairly close together so it wasn't long before casualties started to appear. The artillery on both sides started to inflict casualties on the cavalry.

Both sides continue to inflict casualties from firing and the French lose one unit of cavalry. Meanwhile both sides clash on the French right flank.

 the French cavalry charge the Prussian cavalry and destroys one unit of cavalry, but is then overrun by the rest of the Prussian cavalry.

Both sides continue to battle hard in melee but in the end the French come out victorious.

Thanks to Tim and Peeler for a good game with tea and cake.
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