Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Warmachine Khador

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything up so time to start I think. Hope everyone had a good new year.

These are some figures from a game called Warmachine. Basically it's a fantasy game involving big steam powered machines called Warjacks. These are from a faction called Khador which seem to be loosly based on Russia.

This first picture shows the two Warcasters, these lead your army and control the Warjacks. The first picture is of Kommander Sorscha and the second is The Butcher of Khardov. In regular games of Warmachine you use just one Warcaster, but you can have apocalypse sized battles with more. Even so it is highly unlikely that these two would be used together as according to the fluff in the rules they are sworn enemies.

The next picture shows some Iron Fang Pikemen, these are pretty tough and can be used to charge forward and soften up the enemy for the Warjacks to finish the job. They can also form a shield wall for extra protection against incoming attacks.

Then finally is the best part about Warmachine, the Warjacks. These are basically your main force in the game and come in many forms. All the factions apart from the Khador get a choice of either light or heavy Warjacks. The Khador only get heavy warjacks. Until recently the Warjacks were only available as metal models, now the main heavy Jacks are produced in plastic and come as a boxed set containing parts to make any of the heavy Jacks.

and here's a group photo of my Khador so far.

There's more to come, I'm currently painting up some Winterguard which are the basic troops for the Khador, then I've got a Manhunter which is basically a scout. Finally I've got a unit of Widowmakers to start which are an elite sniper unit.
Hopefully my order with Space and Myth should arrive soon so I can make a start of them, as well as getting some stuff off my mate who works there.


  1. Looks good, I forsee a game coming on soon... :-)

  2. Not at the moment, I only have Khador at the moment. I'm thinking of getting some Cryx to oppose my Khador as I have a fair amount for the Khador already.


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