Sunday, 7 February 2010

A weeks gaming in a nutshell

Well, I've managed to cram a fair bit of gaming into one week. Last Sunday I called round to Alex's place after work to catch the end of his DBN game which looked very impressive. I got some pictures of the game, I'm sure there will be a battle report up soon.

On Friday I called in at Peeler's gaffe for a game. Alex had brought an ACW variant of DBN to play. The game was played using 1/72 plastics which seem to be appearing more and more in the games that we do, and why not they're a perfect way to game as they don't cost as much as the usual stuff we use. I didn't get any photos of this but I'm sure Peeler will have some to put up on his blog.

Then today I went along to the York wargames show. Unfortunately Peeler had to give it a miss due to work so I went along on my own. It was a good show and I got some good stuff on the bring & buy along with the rest of the stuff I needed for the Elvington game. Here are some pictures of some of the games.

I left the show at about 12:30 as I was in need of something to eat and the cafe at the show was packed out, so after escaping from the mud in the car park I set off for home, stopping off at a nice little fish and chip place on the A64, the same one we called at on the way back from Leeds. I got home at about 3:00. All in all it was a good show and a good way to kick off the wargames show calendar. Bring on Elvington!


  1. Good set of pictures there Rich, well done mate. Sorry I missed the show (grizzle)but there's always the next one!

  2. Yeah, still Elvington is a nice friendly little show. Not as crowded as most of the others which is nice.

  3. Too true, it's a right good weekend. Looking forward to it.


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