Friday, 19 February 2010

WWI trench warfare

This afternoon I put on a WWI game at my house. Thanks to Peeler, Alex, Jake and Stuart for coming a good game was had. Peeler and Alex took charge of the Germans and Jake, Stuart and me took command of the British. The scenario was that both sides were advancing towards each other to rebuild the front line which had been battered by enemy fire.

The two sides set up.

The British win initiative and begin their bombardment phase causing a fair amount of damage to the German line.

The Germans retaliate with heavy fire pounding the British.

The British advance forward and begin to move into the trench.

The Germans start to advance.

The British begin to move down the trench.

A fierce firefight begins in the centre with both sides taking casualties.

Meanwhile, the British try to prevent the Germans from reaching the bunker.

The fight in the centre continues.

The British line on the right begins to crumble from German fire.

But the left seems well secure as yet more British units pile into the trench.

The Germans continue to pound the British on the right, leaving them with almost no support.

A view of both trenches on the right.

The British continue to hold firm on the left as the German centre breaks making victory seem almost certain.

While one unit of British continue to move down the trench, the rest charge over the top hoping to rout the remaining Germans.

Disaster! The British morale on the left breaks leaving them with almost nothing left. Things are beginning to look bleak for the Brits as it seems the Germans may well clinch victory.

Luckily the British nerve holds out and the diminished right flank pulls through to take the German trench causing them to flee.


  1. Good write up, and thanks for a smashing game!

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