Saturday, 21 February 2009

40K Templar mission

This was the game me and my mate Doug played today using our 40K armies. Doug was using his Black Templars, and in a change to the norm I was giving my Tyranids their first battle. The objective was for the Templars to get their Rhino filled with spare parts to the disabled Baneblade in the centre of the battlefield.
I set my Tyranids up in a wood and we were then ready to begin. I won the initiative and moved my lighter troops forward to try and slow up Doug's advance. My Rippers moved in to prevent his fast attack from speeding in and creating havoc while my heavier units stayed back and fired their heavy weapons from a distance hoping to soften the enemy up as much as possible before assaulting.
Meanwhile, Doug began to move all his units forward, but remained cautious as he knew that he had the upper hand as his ranged units were far superior to mine. This meant that I'd have to try and get into combat as quickly as possible so as to not sustain too much fire from his units.
Sadly for Doug, the Baneblade fell victim to a series of blasts from my Zoanthropes and was destroyed before the Templars could reach it. This meant that Doug could at least salvage something from the battle by getting his Chaplain away to safety.
My Rippers did their job perfectly and held his Assault Marines up long enough for the rest of my army to get into a good position. The Rippers did all get destroyed as I'd predicted. Doug's Land Raider meanwhile was making short work of a unit of my Genestealers as well as one of my Raveners leaving me lacking in fast attack choices. The Land Raider now faced a new threat from my waiting Lictors who attacked the Land Raider along with the remaining Genestealers.
Over on the other side of the battlefield my other unit of Genestealers had taken a pounding from two units of Marines leaving my Carnifex to deal with his Dreadnought and second Chaplain. The Carnifex made short work of the Dreadnought leaving a straight fight between him and the Chaplain. The Marines who had eliminated the Genestealers now faced a new threat from the advancing Zoanthropes who caused a great deal of damage using their warp blasts before finishing them off in assault.
The Emperor's Champion then made a bid for glory by assaulting a unit of Termagaunts on his own. This melee went on for some time but didn't really amount to anything.
Meanwhile, the Lictor's and Genestealers had finally managed to destroy the Land Raider while the remaining Ravener made it's way over to cut off the Chaplain's escape route while the Warriors held up the bikes and assault marines eventually defeating them in combat. Things were now looking even worse for Doug as I still had a lot of my heavier units still remaining.
The battle ended after the Ravener won in combat with the Chaplain forcing him to attempt to flee, but he was easily caught by the quicker Ravener and killed. Handing my Tyranids their first victory.


  1. Looks good, clear pics too. say Hello to Doug for me next time you see him please. Ta!

  2. Yeah. I'm getting better pictures now that I've found my camera and stopped using my mum's.


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