Thursday, 12 March 2009

Going's on

Firstly, I would like to welcome my new follower Sajjad Ahmad Mughal. Well, my brother's now gone on his exchange trip to Sweden for the week so the house is a little quieter than usual. I guess I still have my day at Salute with Peeler to look forward to though so that should be a good day out. Also I've got a night out planned for April meeting up with my mate Doug to watch Wrestlemania.
The thing I'm looking forward to at my local gaming store is the Operation Bagration WWII campaign they're planning, so I'm frantically painting up Germans to use in the game. They're doing it to celebrate the release of the new campaign box set which I'm very tempted to get.

The set retails for £35 and includes the campaign board, miniature counters and a rulebook. Here's a bit more info on it from the publishers:

"Firestorm—Bagration gives you the tools to recreate the 1944 Soviet offensive in Byelorussia. On 22 June, more than 2,000,000 Soviet soldiers stormed the heavily fortified lines of the badly outnumbered German Army Group Centre. The German defences quickly crumbled under several sledgehammer blows. German armoured reserves rushed forward, desperately counterattacking to stem the on-rushing Red tide in the climactic Battle of Minsk.

In Firestorm—Bagration, you command the Soviet or German forces fighting for Byelorussia in the critical months of June and July 1944.
Put yourself in command on the Eastern Front using your Flames Of War historical miniatures on the table­top. Each battle recreates a major engagement. The outcomes of your battles determine the fate of the campaign.

The General’s Wargame
The General’s Wargame is a fast-paced two-player Board game based on Firestorm—Bagration that uses all the contents of the box and takes 60 to 90 minutes to play.

Total War
Total War is designed to put big armies on big tables. Instead of a mere company, you can field your entire collection with thousands of points of Flames Of War troops arrayed across a large battlefield.

Partisans & Polizei
While the generals plan their campaigns, more personal battles are being fought. Vasiliy Kravchenko, a partisan leader, and his Polizei nemesis Dieter von Gaudron wage their own war in the fields and forests of Byelorussia.

River Crossings & No Retreat
Also included are new rules for crossing rivers, common yet formidable obstacles in Byelorussia. Use these rules to succeed in the new River Crossing Mission and the Crossing the Drut scenario, both found within. Then try holding the line in a second new mission, No Retreat.

As you can already get some sense this is something never done before and we are excited about what this could mean for the future."

I've been told by my mate at Space, Myth & Magic that depending on how well this set sells then Battlefront may design other sets for other campaigns.


  1. Coo, looks good. Will it play a bit like a more complex Risk then? And do you paint the figures etc? And have you got one and can we play it soon? Salute coming up soon.:-)

  2. Yes, basically, you plan your movements on the board and then when your armies meet with an opponent then you play a Flames of War battle to decide the outcome. The figures included in the set are just for monitoring movement.


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